Alvaro Vilela Fotógrafo a bordo do Costa Fortuna

About me

Alvaro Vilela was born in Petrópolis - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. He began his work as a photographer at the age of 19 through ON Magazine, where he had the opportunity to start taking photos of events and parties. Over time, Alvaro became more passionate about photography and started studying and keeping up with new content.

He covered renowned parties such as XXXperience, Holi Petrópolis, and Baile do Dennis.

He also worked in nightclubs like Tamboatá, Nix, and Savana.

Alvaro worked as a professional photographer for five years at Costa Crociere, capturing moments of people from all over the world. Working on board and visiting various countries, he was able to learn how to work with different cultures and photography styles.